Privacy Policy

I am not interested in your personal data. That being said, whenever you visit any website, some data is inevitably sent to the webserver. This data is being used in the way described below. By visiting, or ‘this website’, you agree to the terms of the current privacy policy. The privacy policy may change at any time without prior notice.

Contact Information

Responsible for this website:

Jens Kutílek
Togostraße 76
13351 Berlin
+49 30 62208149

Web Hosting

This website is hosted on a dedicated server by Hetzner Online AG. The server is located at Falkenstein, Saxonia, Germany.

The webserver software keeps access and error log files to guarantee the proper operation of the website. The log files are storing the following pieces of information:

Your IP adress is anonymized by setting the final octet to 0, so that your visit of this website can not be assigned to a specific computer. The server deletes its log files after 4 weeks.

Hetzner Online AG may be able to inspect the traffic between your network and this server. Use an SSL-encrypted connection whenever possible and refer to Hetzner Online’s privacy policy.


This website does not use any cookies except for providing the shopping cart functionality on pages where a cart is provided.

Shopping Cart and Checkout

On some pages of this website, you can buy font licenses. The cart and checkout functionality is provided by FastSpring. On pages that include the shopping cart, a script is loaded from FastSpring’s servers to enable the cart. Data connected to the checkout process is sent directly to FastSpring and not stored on this webserver.

Any information passed on while visiting the product pages and during the checkout process is controlled by Bright Market, LLC d/b/a FastSpring, 801 Garden Street, #201, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, United States of America. Please refer to FastSpring’s privacy policy for details.

Ko-Fi Button

This website includes a button that allows visitors to buy me a coffee via Which you should seriously consider because the pandemic has elevated my coffee consumption to unknown heights.

Anyway, this button is displayed via a script loaded from Ko-fi’s servers. Data about the request to those servers may be read and logged by Ko-fi. For details, please refer to Ko-fi’s privacy policy.