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»Never Mind Comic Sans, here’s Comic Jens«

In 2008 I had tried to draw my “handwriting” into the computer using a mouse, just for fun, turning it into a font. A Fontblog article about Comic Sans prompted the release of my typeface under the name Comic Jens. Shortly thereafter, Jürgen Siebert published a full article called “Neue Alternative zur Comic Sans” about my typeface. During the first month more than 1400 people downloaded my font.

Version 2.0 of Comic Jens was released on 13 May 2010. It corrected some issues with a couple of letter forms and was now in TrueType-based OpenType format and features extended language support (including Cyrillc and Greek, more than WGL4), more OpenType features and improved screen display. Please see the specimen PDF for details.

Comic Jens at Kerning Conf 2013 in Nina Stössinger’s presentation

Comic Jens was presented in the December 2008 issue of German design magazine Page in the cover story about “Type Classics & Alternatives”. Radio Fritz did an interview with me in August 2008 about why Comic Sans sees so much hate.

Comic Jens in use alongside Comic Sans on a shop signage in Wittmund. Photo by Inka Strotmann.


[...] in the same vein, but not as obnoxious for some kind of reason.


Die Comic Jens ist eine wunderbare Alternative zur Hölle, also los los und Comic Sans endlich im Giftschrank lassen.

Gregor Nathanael Meyer

A free and quite nice alternative to The Font Which Must Not Be Named.

Florian Pichler

Comic Jens ist für mich die beliebteste Schrift, wenn es um verspielte Layouts geht.

Internet Echo

Comic Jens verwenden und so tun, als sei nichts gewesen.

Gerrit van Aaken

At last. A font that takes everything you loathed about Comic Sans and makes it much, much worse.

Darryn King

If this starts being used, someone please kill me

Tony Brooks

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